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GitHub comments plugin for Bludit

GitHub comments plugin for Bludit

GitHub Comments is a pluging for Bludit. This plugin was modeled after the Disqus plugin for Bludit. It is a simple plugin developed for my students and clients who lack the skills to add the code to their websites.

The plugin uses Utterrrances, an open source lightweight comments system built on GitHub issues. If you are a developer you can easily add Utterances to your website without using this plugin.


Download the latest version.

How to install

  1. Create an open GitHub repository.
  2. Install the Utterances App in your GitHub repository.
  3. Download the last version of GitHub Comments and extract it in your bl-plugins directory.
  4. Go to your Bludit admin panel and activate the GitHub Comments plugin.
  5. Go to the pluging settings and enter your repository using the format OWNER/REPO . Do not add the url address and double check white spaces.

Demo and support

I'm using the plugin in this blog. You can leave a comment here. Image description